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tv   [untitled]    June 5, 2012 8:30am-9:00am PDT

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seeing no other public comment, we will close public comment. [gavel] we will begin with president cjiu -- chiu. president chiu: this is the democratic process and how we consider various land use decisions, and i want to thank everyone for caring so much, as you do, about the future of our waterfront and the future of our neighborhoods. i want to stay at the outset, and this is something that our constituents know. i have not opposed any or all development at this site. what i have had some debate concerns about is about the
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height increase. the bulk increase. and if we as a body are going to be providing with these extraordinary land use bonuses, there ought to be some good reasons for this. it is no surprise at this moment that we do not necessarily see that, but i do hope that in coming days, at the finance committee or at the financial terms and next tuesday that we will be able to talk more about what is specifically appropriate here. that being said, i do understand a desire to move this forward and to call into question. colleagues, what i'd like to ask for this committee to do is to move this forward without recommendation, for several reasons. we have a committee on wednesday. we have just started to learn
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about changes to financial terms. i am still waiting for information from the developer and waiting for information from the court here to see exactly what this entails. of course, during that time, i think it is inappropriate for deciding to move forward. i do know that there will be ongoing discussions about the various parties to see if there are better ways to resolve what we have here, if there are any changes that we need to be made. so with that, colleagues, i would like to ask for you to do that. chair mar: thank you. i would just like to thank everyone for coming to speak, including the ports and all of the people from the neighborhoods around the development that has come to speak, as well. i also wanted to say that i have been in close conversation with supervisors olague and kim, the very much care, like i do, about
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working with the port and about affordable housing as a priority for us, but also, i think the parking spaces, the public parking spaces are another issue that we want to work to reduce the number of parking spaces perhaps by 20%, but we will continue to work with you. this open space is something that is a tremendous benefit to neighborhoods, in addition to the other benefits, but i wanted to make sure that we are addressing a number of issues that were brought up from around the area, and the last couple of items, i did mention that i am familiar with the swimming area currently in the golden gateway swim and tennis club, and i have been here with my daughter, and i do know that that is the space. that should be opened up for more public access, so i look forward to more communication so
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that the public can have access to that, the aquatics, as well. and then there is much more money going to the public general fund. it is appreciated. i look forward to continuing to look at whether it is the budget analyst's report coming up, to look also at ways that the general fund is supported in the project. the last thing i want to say is that this is an upzoning, and i am looking at the foot print of what is being upzoned. this does seem to be in one corner of the lot, which scope'' downward, as well, which i appreciate the planning department with the excellent presentation that looks at the
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sloping down from the higher heights of the golden gateway and the alcoa building. i look at where is the equity and where is the equitable approach. i look forward to making sure that we maximize this. so i will be supportive of the president's motion to move this forward with that recommendation. colleagues, if you have other comments? supervisor wiener? supervisor wiener: thank you, and thank you to everyone who came out today. i would be supportive of moving it with or without a recommendation. what matters is where the boats are going to be at the board. it is not so much whether or not the committee put a label about with or without a recommendation. i will be willing to support putting it out without recommendation. chair mar: supervisor cohen?
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thank you. cell, colleagues, can we move this forward with that recommendation? thank you. thank you, everyone. ms. miller, is there any other business before us? clerk miller: no, there are no other matters. chair mar: thank you. the meeting is adjourned. [gavel] captioned by the national captioning institute
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♪ >> oh beautiful for spacious skies over amber waves of grain for purple mountain tent majesties above the fruited plain america america god shed his grace on thee and the crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea o beautiful for patriots a
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dream that season be on that the years thine alabaster cities gleam undimmed by human tears america america god shed his grace on thee and crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea and crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea ♪
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♪ [applause] >> thank you very much. my name is mark buell, the dow had the pleasure of serving as president of the recreation park division. -- and i had the distinct pleasure of serving as president of the creation of the recreation and park division. we would like to welcome you here to a very special and appropriate event. as someone said to me, this looks like the beginning of summer today. just perfect. and we will hear from her letter, but we honor a woman today for 25 years in congress. and what could be more
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appropriate and to name a major artery in one of our most beautiful assets, where you can reach the aids memorial grove, you can reach the academy of sciences, you can reach the japanese tea garden. all of these things reflect the passion and the wisdom that nancy pelosi has brought to the congress, with her sense of social justice, i particularly like thinking that she is science-based in the legislation that she reports, and we had the science academy. [applause] thank you very much. there are so many things she is done for the city. i know there are representatives from the national park today. and the presidio trust, she is the author of that legislation which said that pristine piece of property. [applause] i could list them forever. some of them have been intimately involved in, but that would take too long. i would say, one of the grade honors i had was being in the
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balcony of the united states congress the day she was elected speaker in the house, the highest elected women in the history of the government. [applause] with that, i am going to ask a few people to say a few words here today. before i do that, and you'll enjoy this, i was given a list of the vip's to introduce. well, if i look at everybody sitting here, you are all vip's. yay, exactly. so you'll have to swallow a little hard when your name does not get mentioned, and i will give you the list that i have here. we're honored to have ambassador jim hormel here today. i have about 10 of them. city attorney. the police chief, greg suhr. puc. jose cisneros, our treasurer. sophie maxwell. former supervisor, a member of
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the america's cup organizing committee. we have megan from the recreation and park commission. larry from rec and park. we have mimi, the vip of all vip's. and i see a lot of friends out there, and i know you all hold titles. leroy king, redevelopment agency. jane morrison and i could go on and on the but here is where ioh stop where, and cicil williams. bless you, cecil. with that, it is my pleasure to introduce to you the first speaker of the day, and i have a few things to say about him, john burton. here is what is officially. widely considered one of the most effective and experienced legislative leaders in the state of california if not the nation. let me tell you a few things that john has done.
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he began his career is to be attorney general, served as president of the young democrats, won election to the central committee, served as state assembly member, president and the california democratic council, a chair of the california democratic party, which i believe he is today, and u.s. congress member and president pro tem of the california state senate. my favorite story about john is one that willie brown told me. he said one of john's constituents lived a message and john called the constituent back. the constituent made her case. then she heard from john. at the end of the conversation, she called willie brown and said, i just got the worst conversation from john burton. he we -- he used words whenever use. and he said, you should be thrilled he called you back. [laughter] with that, i would like to introduce to you the honorable john burton. [applause]
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>> does anybody ever believe anything willie brown ever tells them? [laughter] i do not. anyway, thank you, mark. anyway, it is a pleasure and honor to be here as a guy who grew up in the sunset and spend an awful lot of time in the park. and have nancy pelosi in between john f. kennedy and martin luther king, jr., is not a bad place to be. i would like to say that. [applause] and that is, for those of us that follow hockey, that is a real hat trick, but 25 years ago, a little bit more, when we were involved in a congressional campaign. i think we all thought we were going to win, but i do not know if we ever thought that 25 years later we would be naming part of
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golden gate park after nancy. but if we look back on the 25 years, everything that she did, everything that she stood for has just been a blessing for all of san francisco and actually for the country. i do not really want to 1-up mark. but you know, when he was so proud to be up there on the balcony, i got to be on to the floor. [laughter] anyway, nancy, it is a real pleasure and honor to have so many of your friends here, and a lot of them i see that rather 25 years ago, and they're still there with you. we're going to be with you as long as you want us to be. again, congratulations. [applause] >> thank you, john. [laughs] and the next gentlemen i would
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like to introduce, i had the pleasure of introducing him once in washington when nancy helped us with the america's cup. we have to get legislation through the congress, which she did very ably. i introduced him by saying if you had his resume, you cannot help but be one of the great mayors of san francisco. he began his career representing those who cannot represent themselves in the community. he went on to the human rights commission and went on to a head just about every department in the city and then become city administrator. now elected to a full term as the mayor of san francisco. he is passionate about jobs. he is passionate about neighborhoods. he is passionate about parks, which i love, and is making great strides in the city in bringing us back to where we belong, the honorable at least -- ed lee. [applause] >> thank you, mark. i am also passionate about our leaders.
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i want to thank everybody for being here. named vip's and unnamed vip's. thank you very much for joining all of us today as we recognize and celebrate the work of a great san franciscan, one who has represented, advocated, and fought for san francisco, its citizens, and really for all of america. during her 25 years, nancy has really earned her title as leader, as pioneer, doing everything from saving american jobs to our health care to driving our country towards energy independence. and i am is still and feeling today, after we go through all these different transportations and infrastructure projects that we have been so lucky to start in the bay area, really a lot of it goes back to nancy and her leadership on the american recovery and reinvestment act for our country and helping us
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get back on the move. we have taken full advantage of these things come as we should. i want to thank all of you for being here to celebrate with us on that. and, you know, she has been such a mover of our country, and we know that. we felt the direct impact here as citizens. i know for myself, when i was faced with these huge deficits in our local budget and knowing obviously the right thing to do would be to fill some of these gaps that perhaps the state and federal government is unable to bid up i know this, a particularly these last two years, as hiv funding was getting cut and a number of programs were dismantled, i just had to remind myself to look at the leadership that nancy pelosi has provided with so many strong advocates. it was much easier to say a
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balancing our local budget here, that we would do the right thing. and we will make sure that the funding for people living with aids and hiv get that protected funding, whether or not the federal and state programs are there. and thanks -- that is again another complement to nancy's leadership. [applause] from the bayview to bernal heights, chinatown, the caster, to the mission, marina, north beach, and the valley, congresswoman nancy pelosi has transformed san francisco all throughout her 25 years. it is really the strength to see some much of her work reflected in everything that we do. i think just the margaret -- marvelous job she has done to handle the presidio and the natural trust and how many thousands of more people and
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other generations are welcoming that preservation, right down to cleaning up hunters point naval shipyard, and now look, it is on the very verge of just coming back and free inviting and keeping as many families there to welcome in success for them as well. again, all of this do to her wonderful leadership. so it is my pleasure to on their leader nancy pelosi today with the renaming of little drive to nancy pelosi drive in san francisco. [applause] and i know johnny said it earlier, i also think it is very fitting that nancy pelosi driver also runs past our national aids memorial grove. [applause]
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obviously, she has been a driving force in congress for aids funding. she has educated the summoning leaders across the country about this disaster is a disease and how we can help so many people recover from it. she has created the housing opportunities for people in aids, and of course her support for the right and right -- ryan wright care act. as mayor, of course, it is always my pleasure, because, you know, when you give somebody their own and drive, they're going to have to pay for parking somewhere. this will help her get past that. nancy pelosi drive day in san francisco. her own in day here. [applause] and if i may, on behalf of our recreation and park department, it's wonderful commissioners, but really on behalf of all of
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us here who have been lifelong friends, supporters, people that have served with nancy so much, it is our pleasure, nancy, to provide you with a replica of the signs that will go up on behalf of our city. congratulations. here it is. [applause] >> thank you very much, mr. mayor. this is a highly emotional moment for me to see this. when i heard about it, i said, no, please do not do that, i am embarrassed. until i heard it was between jfk and mlk, jr., drive. then i thought, i would like to go there and bear witness to the greatness of those two men and bring all of you with me. here we are today to thank you, mayor lee, for your tremendous leadership of our city.
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it is an honor for me as the first -- lots of firsts around here. first woman speaker of the house to be receiving this honor from the first chinese-american mayor of the city of san francisco. a source of great pride to us that only begins to tell the story of what the mayor means to our city and the progress he has made in already a very short time. you're honoring me with this award, and i am forever grateful to you. i look forward to continuing our work together for the government of the city. san francisco leads the way. what we do well here, as franklin roosevelt said, if you want to do something well, do it in san francisco, or words to that effect. [laughter] i would like to thank john burton for being here. just on a personal, official, a political note, john, my dear friend -- my dear friend, who was the chairman of my campaign
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25 years ago -- that was really an experience. a winning one. i am so honored that john it took the time. he does not go that many places, right? the very idea that he is here in the middle of the afternoon and dressed for the day -- [laughs] i am going to be in big trouble. more on john in a moment. i want to thank phil ginsburg, thank you very much. for your leadership and for making this all possible. i know that megan is here. i used to bring her bacto the pk with my daughter all those years ago. and larry. please extend my thanks to the other members of the commission as well for this great honor. so here we are. 25 years later. i will talk about that, but this
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relationship of our family and the park goes back more than 40 years. but over the past 25 years, working with six mayors, now senator feinstein, agnos, jordon, willie brown who may be joining us, with mayor newsom, and now with our great leader, mmirror -- mayor lee, i have had the privilege of working with these mayors. that would not be possible without the work of so many of you here. some of us were on a trip to liberia for our colleague who is newly deceased, but this was several years ago. he was being honored. there were a barrel -- building a library in his name at the african methodist episcopal church in monroevia, liberia.
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it was boiling hot. there must have been 18 or 20 speakers. everybody that got up named every speaker before him and everyone else in the room. one of the people got up there and said, to all of the distinguished people who are here today, on their granted. everybody cheered because that meant he was not going to mention all the names. but i am is a wonder that so many of the official family of san francisco are here. i am delighted to see my sister in a friendship and my sister in congress is here with us today. thank you, anna. as she knows, and one of the things we were able to accomplish, what ever you name, without the work of our colleagues from the bay area, from california, on these issues. jim hormel and leroy king or
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cochairs come along with madeleine. john was the chairman. we all took orders from john. i am so glad that so many of our friends are here. the head of the san francisco labor council, thank you. [applause] let me say that some of you know -- again, i could name every one of you in reference to the issues that have been discussed, and you probably think that i will, but i told you that story. here is the thing, let's go back 25 and a half years ago. i had no thought in the world of running for congress. i did care very much about the city. i had the position that john is now holds but without all of his credentials as chair of the california democratic party. but i never thought in terms of running for congress. it was because of a woman who decided that a woman was going
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to follow in her footsteps that i decided to run. at the time the issues were, what you think about health care? i would say, tell me what you think about health care for all americans as a right, not a privilege, and i told them. they wanted to know what we do to fight for more funding for hiv and aids, and i told them. the issue at the time is marriage equality now. but then it was domestic partners. someone said to me, i have one question, do you support domestic partners? i said, yes, i do. that was his litmus test. we have come a long way since then because of the work of so many people. but again, phillip did so much for the parks and our country. he was a hero in that regard. some say he did more than anyone. maybe he and teddy roosevelt or something like that. anyway, it was a proud tradition to follow him. the whole point was that we could go to washington, d.c., and succeed with some of the
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things the mayor mentioned because what we were doing in san francisco was a model to the nation. it was of national significance, because it was community-based. what ever happened to be, whether it was about hiv and aids, about a fourth of housing, about transportation, what ever it happened to be about of job creation. when i first went, i said i will take a map of san francisco and see how many jobs we can breed. cecil, remember, we looked to see where we could create jobs. housing, transportation, whatever the issue happened to be. nature and the federal government gave us two opportunities. one was the earthquake, which provided an opportunity for change and some resources that would otherwise not have come for us to make some significant improvements in san francisco. you know, the freeway and the restoration of city hall, geary, the list goes on. he